Saturday, January 12, 2013

Book Release Party! Hip Hip Hooray!

So, it seems this 'author' thing is really happening.
Pinch me.
YOU'RE INVITED - to help celebrate the release of my first picture book: BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!  I promise: Fun! Food! and KID-FRIENDLY SILLINESS! Details to follow ... but it won't be a PARTY without YOU!

But seriously ... three things have happened in the past few days to confirm the fact that I am not completely delusional and there will, in fact, be an honest-to-goodness BOOK available for KIDS to READ! (sorry, possibly a bit too much coffee this a.m.)

1) I have booked FOUR author visits this week. (can't wait!)

2) I have shamelessly promoted myself at least THREE times this week (which I do not like to do, by the way, but the fact that I am doing it means the FIRE of author-marketing is kindling in me and I will eventually be in full-author mode - frightening thought - no?)

3) I have now publicly announced my BOOK RELEASE PARTY on June 1st in Janesville, WI (and you know, once you announce a book release party that means there's no going back!).

Okay. So now I have to plan what an author visit with BOOM BOOM BOOM will look like - depending of course on the age of the kids, and the needs of the schools and libraries ... (ooooo..... such fun!).  And I get to dream of what type of silliness & food would be appropriate for the book release party (ooooo.... more fun!)

Did I mention that you're invited too? Wouldn't be a party without YOU!

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